Energy Saving Programs for Virginia Business Customers

Important Program Update: Effective January 1, 2018, the Appalachian Power C&I Program will again accept project applications. The program rules providing a maximum of $50,000 in rebate dollars per account for each program year and limiting the rebate amount to no more than 30% of project total cost remain the same. Contact us at 888-261-4567 if you have any questions.


As in the past, the program will accept new applications on a reservation-basis. All new energy efficiency projects need pre-approval in order to reserve funds and participate in the program. Completed projects or projects that have begun the installation process are not eligible. Once approved, projects must be completed within 90-days or receive extension approval in writing by the program team.

Thank you for your interest in our energy efficiency program!


The Appalachian Power Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Program helps non-residential customers implement energy-efficiency projects through financial incentives to offset project costs. Rebates are calculated based on $0.05 per kWh saved annually, and are contingent on the review and acceptance of savings claims. Appalachian Power Virginia C&I Program project savings are calculated using the MidAtlantic Technical Resource Manual (TRM) deemed savings and building sector hours. Energy-efficient projects including lighting and variable frequency drives are eligible for the rebates, and each has its own rebate worksheet.

Information on each of the rebates available is below:

Contact us at 888-261-4567 or via email at with any questions, as we are here to help you through the application process. Our Program Specialist can assist you with questions regarding the application, perform on-site assessments or estimate savings.

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