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The Appalachian Power Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Program helps non-residential customers implement energy efficiency projects through financial incentives to offset the project costs. Rebates are calculated based on $0.05 per kWh saved annually, and are contingent upon the review and acceptance of savings claims. A list of frequently asked questions are below.

Most non-residential customers served by Appalachian Power will qualify for the program. However, customers that are not eligible for this program include:

  • Customers that have a peak electrical demand of more than 10,000 kW during the past three calendar years
  • Customers that are served under the Public Authority or Commonwealth of Virginia tariffs


If you have any questions about program eligibility, please call 888-261-4567or email takecharge-business@clearesult.com.

Yes, you may work with your own contractor. A Trade Ally Contractor Network has been established to help customers identify potential contractors to complete the installation of their new energy efficient unit.

Contractors may click here to register as a Trade Ally.


There is no cost to participate in the Appalachian Power C&I Program either as a customer or a participating contractor.

Yes, reservations are required and good for a period of 90 days. Waivers are possible with approval from the program. Applications must be submitted and approved by the program prior to commencement of installation activities.

Please call the toll-free number for the Appalachian Power C&I Program at 888-261-4567 or email takecharge-business@clearesult.com. Our program staff is available during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to respond to inquiries. We will return calls within 24 hours of receipt during the business week and provide after-hours voicemail services for calls outside of normal business hours. If you reach voicemail, we are helping other customers and will return your call shortly.

The rebate can be received by the customer or the contractor, with customer approval, and will be paid within 4-6 weeks of the final application's verification and approval.

A rebate application consists of the Rebate Application for basic customer information and the Rebate Worksheet(s) which detail the energy efficient equipment purchased, and its anticipated savings. Multiple measures (if using the portal) or worksheets (if using a print application) may be attached to each application. Eligible measures include lighting improvements such as T5 or LED lighting and VFD rebates for chilled and hot water pumps used in HVAC applications.

The general application and rebate worksheets are available to download on our website or may be completed through our online portal. Once paper applications are completed, along with all necessary documentation listed on the rebate worksheet(s), they can be emailed to takecharge-business@clearesult.com or mailed to:

Take Charge Business Program
3100 West Road, Building 3, Suite 200
East Lansing, Ml, 48823

Whether submitting your rebate application online or by mail, please be sure to include these documents:

  • Rebate Application
  • Rebate Worksheet(s) with measure implementation details
  • Project Documentation (as required) itemized invoices, equipment specifications, engineering reports, modeling output, photographs
  • W-9 (LLC, individual, partnership, property management companies)
  • Copy of recent electric bill

For projects that are self-installed, a copy of the materials receipt must be provided along with a signed and completed application form.

Rebate applications are accepted on a reservation basis only. All applications must receive pre-approval prior to any work commencing. Once reviewed and accepted, applicants agree to complete the project within 90 days. Waivers to the 90-day requirement may be requested so long as the applicant can document significant progress has been made on the project. However, any such exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, will be subject to APCo approval, and are not guaranteed.

All installations are subject to inspection.

Call 888-261-4567 or email takecharge-business@clearesult.com for assistance.

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