For Trade Allies

Join the network of contractors, suppliers, engineering and design professionals who are growing their businesses by leveraging Appalachian Power's Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Program rebates for energy-efficiency projects.

The C&I program is designed to motivate both small and large businesses to install energy-efficient products through our incentive and SBDI programs. The rebates help our non-residential customers manage the cost of energy saving upgrades so they can reduce energy use and lower their energy bills. 

Our customers' efforts to become more energy efficient can also increase demand for your business because the majority of appliances, systems and equipment that qualify require professional consultation and installation from companies like yours. As a result, your business will receive more exposure and you'll be able to offer your customers:

  • A personalized list of recommendations to make energy-saving upgrades.
  • Rebates to help offset the cost of energy-efficient equipment or services.
  • The opportunity to reduce their electricity use.

Sell more equipment. Install more systems. Join our trade ally network today.

Interested in becoming a Trade Ally for the SBDI program? Click here for more information.

Questions or need assistance? Call 888-261-4567 or email The C&I program team is available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the rebate process.