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Today you have more options for conserving energy, improving your commercial space and saving money. Appalachian Power is pleased to offer cash incentives for energy efficiency improvements, in addition to reliable electric service at a reasonable cost to make your place of business comfortable, productive and safe. You can help your bottom line and be an environmental leader with the energy saving tips and programs that we offer. 

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About Business Non Lighting Program
Stacking Coins

Who is eligible for this program?

  • Non-residential customers whose facilities are located in Appalachian Power’s service territory.
  • Businesses who have not yet begun install on non-lighting projects.

How it Works

Program Announcements

Bonus offer EXTENDED.

Now through September 30, the Business Non-Lighting Program will provide a four-cent ($.04) bonus in addition to the existing eight-cent ($.08) incentive per kWh saved for measures. This offer will apply for all TakeCharge Business Non-Lighting projects submitted through the end of Q3 2021.

Once accepted and approved, projects will be given 90-days for completion. Rebate checks will be paid within 4-to-6 weeks of the final application verification and approval. The incentive limit per account is $25,000 per program year, and the rebate amount may not exceed 30% of the project's total cost.

Please contact our Program Outreach Specialists, Todd Ewald (, or Melvin Ross (, with any questions.

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