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Appalachian Power offers cash incentives for energy-efficient improvements to its commercial and industrial customers.

We are here to collaborate with you to help determine upgrades and solutions that best fit your business, and to provide incentives to help cover some of the project costs. Whether your business is large or small, let Appalachian Power help you save on your next workplace upgrade by taking advantage of the rebates offered through one of our programs.

Contact us at 833-402-2221 or TakeChargeSavings@trccompanies.com to get started or to learn more.

Business Energy Solutions Program

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your workplace lighting, HVAC or kitchen equipment, we can help you save on your next improvement project to make your place of business more comfortable, energy efficient and safer. Commercial and industrial customers can receive up to $50,000 in rebates for upgrade projects.

Learn more about our Business Energy Solutions program and available incentives, or submit your application below.

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Small Business Direct Install Program

Find new ways to improve your energy usage and productivity in your small business or office. For commercial and industrial customers with a peak monthly demand of 200kW or less, the SBDI program provides targeted, cost-effective energy efficiency measures, many of which offer rebates and other incentives.

Find out if you qualify by applying below.

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Custom Programs

Rebates and other cash incentives on energy-saving solutions are available for businesses of all types and sizes. Discover the custom plan that’s right for you and your next project. Whether you're upgrading your ventilation or heating system, we offer incentives for many of your custom projects.

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If you need more information or have questions about TakeCharge’s programs and rebates, please reach out.

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