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Appalachian Power has compiled useful documents, worksheets and forms about our various TakeCharge programs and rebates for your home or business. View or download the resources below to start learning and saving.

Finding solutions online


Find out all the ways to save by visiting ENERGY STAR®, the simple choice for energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR Product Finder — locates all product categories with certified products.

Choose a Lights Guide — helps identify what type of LED to look for when purchasing.

Water Heater Replacement Guide — walks you through the requirements for a heat pump water heater.

Best Value Finder — finds the best prices from select retailers.

Commercial and Industrial Webinars — check out upcoming trainings.

HVAC Product Finder — identifies brands that offer ENERGY STAR certified equipment.

HVAC Guide/Calculator — helps consumers navigate an HVAC equipment upgrade that will save energy, save money and help protect the climate.

Appliance Energy Calculator — helps consumers estimate appliance and home electronic energy use. 

Ask the Experts  — your go-to resource for the latest advice from ENERGY STAR® experts on saving energy at home and work.

Home Energy Analysis— unlock your personalized energy dashboard that shows you how your home stacks up and gives you personalized recommendations to help you manage your energy use.

Small Businesses

Check out the links below for some sector-specific tips and tools for your small business. 

Small Business Action Workbook Summary


Auto Dealers


Offices: Owners and Renters

Grocery and Convenience Stores

Small and Medium Manufacturers 


Check out the links below for some educational tips and "How it Works" information.

Tax Credits

Heating and Cooling Tips

How it Works — Heat Pump Water Heaters

How it Works — High Efficiency Gas Storage Water Heaters

How it Works — Whole-Home Gas Tankless Water Heaters

How it Works — Solar Water Heaters

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