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What is eScore™?

The eScore™ program is designed to give you an easy pathway to an energy efficient home. An eScore™ Energy Advisor will visit your home to perform an energy assessment at no cost to identify and score key areas of your home based on a 0-10 energy efficiency scale.

A score of 10 means you’ve reached max efficiency!

Scores are combined into a report (your eScore™) and if needed, upgrade recommendations are incorporated to increase your home’s energy efficiency until a max score of 10 is received.

Who is eligible for eScore™?

eScore™ is available to single-family homeowners served by Appalachian Power Virginia. All owner occupied, single-family residential detached home customers, including mobile homes and duplexes, or single-family non-owner occupied residential detached homes where the electrical service is in the occupant’s name and with a signed agreement to participate from the owner. Town homes, apartments, and commercial customers are not eligible. Homes that are not all electric can receive an assessment, but they do not qualify for a rebate if additional measures are installed.

Why assign a “score” to a home?

The score is a visible symbol and reward for the progress made. This is regardless of whether the homeowner’s individual path to a score of 10 happens quickly or over a period of time.

What is an energy assessment?

An energy assessment can help you understand how much energy your home uses and evaluate what steps you can take to improve efficiency. A professionally trained energy advisor will come to your home and gather information on the current condition of the home, air conditioning and heating systems, appliances, and how you use energy in the home. All information will be analyzed and presented to you at the time of the assessment.

What is the difference between an eScore™ evaluation and an eScore™ inspection?

An eScore™ evaluation provides the homeowner with a score of 1 to 10 on their own home with an easy-to-follow path to work towards a score of 10. An eScore™ inspection reviews, scores and verifies energy upgrades meet program standards..

Why would I want to do this quality assurance evaluation (inspection)?

An Appalachian Power certified eScore™ Energy Advisor can provide you with valuable information on how your home performs when it comes to energy savings. You might qualify for rebates if you choose to perform upgrades with a contractor within our network.

Is an energy assessment worth it?

Yes. As an example, heating and cooling can make up approximately 40% of your electric bill. For every air or duct leak you seal, you keep the warm or cold air produced inside your home from leaking to the outside, saving you money in heating and cooling bills and improving your comfort level.

How do I sign up for an eScore™ assessment?

Customers can sign up here or by calling our call center at 888-261-4567 and speaking with a customer service representative.

What can I expect from an eScore™ Evaluation?

The eScore™ Energy Advisor will review the history of your home, such as age, construction type, size, etc. If you are unsure, the eScore™ Energy Advisor can help determine this information.

The eScore™ Energy Advisor will conduct a visual inspection which may include going into the attic and examining dark corners of your roof and basement carefully. The eScore™ Energy Advisor will use the buildup of moisture as a measuring stick – if there’s condensation on the inside of your house, chances are you’ve got an energy leak. The eScore™ Energy Advisor will check your insulation which may reveal weaknesses in the barrier and, in some cases, a lack of insulation altogether. An inspection of your heating system and stoves will be performed to determine whether duct cleaning or tune-ups are needed.

Throughout most of this time you will be very much involved and are encouraged to accompany the eScore™ Energy Advisor as your home is inspected top to bottom. This allows you to bring problems to the attention of the eScore™ Energy Advisor that you may have forgot to mention and allows us to point out things as we go. Following the thorough walk-through, the eScore™ Energy Advisor will sit down with you and review the findings. You will receive an eScore™ report which will illustrate approximately how much you spend on each energy-use source in your home. If it runs on electricity we will determine what it costs you based on your personal usage, not just an average. The eScore™ Energy Advisor will also review with you the amount of heating fuel you use.

Once the eScore™ Evaluation is complete, you will have a greater understanding of how energy is used in your home. Most importantly, you will have recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of your home and any rebates you may qualify for.

Are there any charges (or hidden charges) involved with this eScore™ evaluation?

The eScore™ evaluation along with the instant savings measures, are free of charge to Appalachian Power customers.

Will the improvements be made the same day as my eScore™ evaluation?

Yes, the eScore™ Energy Advisor will complete the installation of the energy saving measures the same day during an in-home assessment. Customers who participate in a virtual assessment will have their energy saving measures mailed to them within four weeks of completing the assessment. Recommendations for more extensive follow-up energy conservation measures will be scheduled by you with an approved Appalachian Power contractor.

What will the eScore™ Energy Advisor inspect as part of the home eScore™ evaluation?

There are ten areas of your home the eScore™ Energy Advisor will evaluate, including attic insulation, duct systems, air sealing, wall insulation, lighting, heating and cooling systems, appliances and electronics, water heating, refrigerator, and windows and doors. Appalachian Power wants to make you aware of how much energy is being wasted in your home, and what you can do to reduce your energy consumption. An eScore™ evaluation takes stock of the energy consumption in your home. It’s one of the first steps you can take to understand your home’s energy usage, airflow and the functionality and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. The Energy Advisor will also take photos of the key areas of your home to document any needed energy improvements.

Where will the energy advisor need access to during the eScore™ evaluation?

The eScore™ Energy Advisor will need access to every room in the home excluding closets (unless there is a hole in the closet wall that is allowing outside air to infiltrate into the interior of the home), the exterior of the home, the attic, and the basement and/or crawlspace. The Energy Advisor will also take photos of the key areas of your home to document any needed energy improvements.

What do homeowners need to do to prepare for an eScore™ evaluation?

The homeowner will need to relocate items that may prohibit access to the areas listed above. We also ask that all pets are restrained for their safety, as well as the safety of the eScore™ Energy Advisor.

How long will the eScore™ Evaluation take?

The eScore™ evaluation should take between one and a half to two hours for the average home.

Who conducts the eScore™ Evaluation?

Appalachian Power has qualified eScore™ Energy Advisors to conduct eScore Evaluations at no charge to the customer. The eScore™ energy advisor will conduct the eScore™ Evaluation and perform the installation of appropriate energy efficiency measures at no charge. Each eScore™ Energy Advisor carries an Appalachian Power identification badge.

I will not be available for the visit. Can someone else be there instead?

Yes, but an agreement to participate must be signed by you and whoever you choose to be present at the time of the eScore™ Inspection. This agreement must be available at the time of visit.

How can I trust the advisor you are sending?

The eScore™ Energy Advisors are background checked certified home inspectors, with an Appalachian Power identification badge.

What happens if the eScore™ Inspection fails?

Your trusted eScore™ Energy Advisor will work with your contractor to resolve any issues with your installation. Often corrections can be made the same day.

What is the eScore™ report?

The eScore™ report is a part of the eScore™ evaluation and defines a clear path for the individual homeowner to reach a score of 10. The report includes photos of the areas evaluated and a customized list of what to do to make an individual home as energy efficient as possible.

When will I receive my eScore™ report?

The eScore™ Energy Advisor will review the report with you immediately after the in-home eScore™ Evaluation is completed.

For customers who participate in a virtual assessment, the report will be emailed within two business days. The report will provide information on additional energy improvements that can be made and will be left with you following the eScore™ Evaluation and improvements. In the unlikely event the eScore™ report cannot be reviewed the day of the eScore™ Evaluation, our energy advisor will contact and review the report with you within five business days.

What is the eScore™ customer portal (website)?

The eScore™ customer portal is a secure program website that serves as a point of entry for program participation, data collection and reporting. Click here for more information.

Will homeowners receive a copy of their eScore™ card and eScore™ report?

Yes. The eScore™ Energy Advisor will review the results of the eScore™ report at the end of the evaluation and each inspection (when necessary). At that point, all data will be available to the homeowner on the eScore™ customer portal or available to be mailed or emailed upon request.

How long will customers have to make recommended upgrades on their home?

Energy upgrades can be made at any time over the life of the program. eScore™ was designed to allow for continuous improvement on the homeowner’s path to an eScore™ of 10, whether that happens quickly or over a period of time.

Does the rebate go to the contractor or the customer?

The rebate is paid directly to the customer, after it has been submitted and managed by the contractor.

Can a customer complete the Rebate Application online?

Only an approved contractor can complete an online application.

How many times may the homeowner be eligible to receive an eScore™ rebate?

Homeowners can only receive one rebate per qualifying energy improvement throughout their path to achieve a score of 10.

Is there a deadline to apply for the rebate incentives?

The contractor must submit the rebate form within 45 days of completing energy-saving improvements. The rebate must be inspected by an eScore™ Energy Advisor within 90 days from the date of installation.

Can a landlord who owns several homes enroll all of their homes in eScore™?

Yes, as long as the homes are single-family homes and both the landlord and tenant sign the Agreement to Participate for every home. Please note, you will need a separate login and password for each electric account.

If the work on a home is self-installed, may this work qualify for a rebate?

No, self-installed work is not eligible for rebate in the eScore Program.

What are some cost-effective improvements that I can make to my home?

Depending on the home, improvements may include sealing gaps, cracks and other leaks that let outside air into your home. Recommendations for energy saving work may include adding attic insulation and sealing and insulating ductwork that runs through the attic or crawlspace. Improvements may also include repairing or replacing old or poorly functioning heating systems and water heaters.

Can I use any contractor or only a participating contractor in the eScore™ Program?

The eScore™ program requires the work to be completed by a contractor who has registered with the Quality Contractor Network (QCN). Appalachian Power has built a QCN for customers to identify potential contractors who can perform work eligible for rebates.

Do I still qualify for the rebate if I buy my electricity from a supplier other than Appalachian Power?

In order to qualify for the eScore™, you must be an individually metered residential customer of Appalachian Power with an active account in Virginia.

I am a commercial customer. Can I get an upgrade of my HVAC equipment?

At this time, the eScore™ program is open to residential customers only.

If a house is sold, may the new owner participate in eScore™ if the previous owner participated as well?

Yes. Participation is defined by the homeowner and property address. If the new homeowner would like to participate in eScore™, they can click here or call the contact center at 1-888-261-4567 for full program details and restrictions.

If a homeowner makes upgrades not recommended on the evaluation report, may they receive the rebate?

Yes, a homeowner can receive rebates for upgrades not recommended on the report. However, these upgrades only qualify if they are on the chart below.

Appalachian Power Virginia eScore Program Customer Rebates

Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT)

How does the Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) program work?

When you enroll in the BYOT Program, Appalachian Power will automatically adjust the thermostat's temperature by a few degrees on peak days when energy consumption is high, usually on the hottest days of summer. 

Air conditioners typically run for a certain amount of time "on" and then shut "off“ when the desired temperature is met. During an event, the BYOT Program shortens the number of minutes your air conditioner is "on,” resulting in energy savings for you.

There is a maximum of 15 non-emergency events in a summer season. Events can occur Monday through Friday between noon and 8 p.m. (no events will take place on weekends or holidays). The average event lasts approximately two hours.

How do I enroll in Appalachian Power’s BYOT Program?

To enroll, click here. Please note, after creating your enrollment profile you will be taken to your thermostat manufacturer’s mobile site where you will need your username and password to complete your enrollment.

Customers who enroll in the program will receive a one-time enrollment incentive of $50 and a check for up to $25 at the end of each summer season ($5 per month for each month enrolled from May to September).

What are the qualifications for this program?

You must be a current Appalachian Power customer in Virginia, and have a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat installed at your address.

What is in it for me?

A smart thermostat can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to $70 a year. Smart features allow you to control your thermostat from your phone or with voice commands. Your participation will also help create a more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system.

What do I receive for participating?

Appalachian Power is offering a $50 enrollment bonus to customers for enrolling in the BYOT program. In addition, participating customers will receive $5 per month (May through September) for each central cooling unit enrolled, up to $25 per year.

What if I do not like the program? Can I unenroll?

You may unenroll at any time by contacting us at 888-261-4567. Your participation is completely voluntary.

What is the difference between an “emergency” and “non-emergency” event?

Emergency Event: When regional demand for electricity is close to surpassing regional supply, Appalachian Power is required to activate an event. Program participants may not opt out of an emergency event.

Non-Emergency Event: When local demand for electricity is very high, yet demand may not be close to surpassing regional supply, Appalachian Power may activate an event. Program participants may choose to opt out of a limited number of non-emergency events.

How many times can a customer opt out of an event?

Participation in events is necessary to maximize the positive impact of the program. However, we understand that customers may need to occasionally opt out of an event. The customer is always in control of their thermostat and can opt out of an individual event by manually adjusting the temperature on the thermostat. Customers can opt out of up to five (5) events without impacting their summer reward credits. Opting out of events beyond this may reduce the amount of the end of season reward.

Are the events mandatory?

No. You can opt out of any non-emergency event simply by adjusting your thermostat or by using any smart device you have paired with it. However, your rewards check may be impacted if you choose to opt out of more than 5 events per year.

What if my home becomes uncomfortable?

Potential temperature changes during events depend on a variety of factors, including the temperature outside and your home's insulation. The customer is always in control of the thermostat and can opt out of an individual event by manually adjusting the temperature on the thermostat. Program participants may opt out of a limited number of events per year by calling 888-261-4567 or by adjusting the thermostat’s set point. Your system will then automatically resume normal operation.

If you are interested in improving the efficiency and comfort of your home, schedule a free energy assessment from Appalachian Power’s eScore™ Program to learn how to maximize your home’s efficiency. Click here or call 888-261-4567 for more information.

When will I receive the enrollment bonus and annual participation reward?

You will receive your $50 enrollment bonus check shortly after you successfully enroll your qualifying device. You will receive your participation reward when the event season concludes at the end of September. Your reward check may be prorated for participation based on enrollment date and opt out occurrences.

What other energy efficiency programs might I qualify for?

Appalachian Power offers several ways to save through our energy efficiency programs. If you are interested in improving the energy efficiency and comfort level of your home, schedule a free energy assessment from Appalachian Power’s eScore™ Program to learn how to maximize your home’s efficiency.

Have additional questions? Ready to enroll?

Click here or call us at 888-261-4567 for more information. 


Business Non-Lighting & Lighting

How much does it cost to participate in the Business Non-Lighting Program?

There is no cost to participate in the Appalachian Power Business Non-Lighting Program either as a customer or a participating contractor.

Can I work with my own contractor or only a participating contractor in the Business Non-Lighting and Lighting Program?

Yes, in the Business Non-Lighting and Lighting Programs you may work with your own contractor. A Trade Ally contractor network has been established to help customers identify potential contractors to complete the installation of their new energy efficient unit. Also, contractors may click here to register as a Trade Ally.

In the Small Business Direct Install Program, there are selected Trade Ally contractors. Participants in the SBDI Program must use these Trade Allies to participate in the Program and receive reduced cost measures. Click here to find more information about the SBDI program. 

How do I apply to the Business Non-Lighting and Lighting Program?

The general application and rebate worksheets are available to download on our website or may be completed through our online portal. Once paper applications are completed, along with all necessary documentation listed on the rebate worksheet(s), they can be emailed to or mailed to:

TakeCharge Business Program

3100 West Road, Building 3, Suite 200

East Lansing, Ml 48823

What do I need to apply to the Business Non-Lighting and Lighting Program?

A rebate application consists of the Rebate Application for basic customer information and the Rebate Worksheet(s) which detail the energy efficient equipment purchased, and its anticipated savings. Multiple measures (if using the portal) or worksheets (if using a print application) may be attached to each application.

After review, you will receive approval via email. When submitting final electronic or print applications, please be sure to include these documents:

· Rebate Application

· Rebate Worksheet(s) with measure implementation details

· Project Documentation (as required) itemized invoices, equipment specifications, engineering reports, modeling output, photographs

· W-9 (LLC, individual, partnership, property management companies)

· For projects that are self-installed, a copy of the materials receipt must be provided along with a signed and completed application form.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements for HVAC projects?

Table 1. Minimum Efficiencies for PTHP Equipment for Eligibility

Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) Minimum EER Minimum COP
< 7200 13 3.6
>= 7200 and < = 9400 12.1 3.5
>= 9400 and < = 11800 11.6 3.4
> 11800 10.4 3.1

For early replacement, equipment is a like-for-like replacement of equipment type and capacity.

Can I reserve funds for a project that I plan to complete?

Applications to the Business Non-Lighting and Lighting Programs must receive staff pre-approval prior to the purchase of equipment or installation of measures. Submit your application through the portal or print application. After review, you will receive approval via email for a 90-day period. If your project is not completed in the allotted timeframe, you may submit a request for a waiver. If a waiver is not requested, the project may not receive an incentive.

The general application and rebate worksheets are available to download on our website or may be completed through our online portal. The portal allows you to track each project and its progress as well as ensuring fast and thorough submission and completion of your projects.

Once paper applications are completed, along with all necessary documentation listed on the rebate worksheet(s), they can be emailed to or mailed to:

Take Charge Business Program

3100 West Road, Building 3, Suite 200

East Lansing, Ml 48823

Will my installation be verified?

All installations are subject to inspection by program staff or a third-party evaluator.

Are there tips for using the application portal?

Yes, please see below:

Tips for Portal Use (Please read prior to starting an Enrollment Application)

Use Google Chrome as your web browser when submitting an Enrollment Application

· Select the Enrollment Application

· You may skip the W-9, Cost Estimate and Spec Sheet uploads in the previous sections

· Under the Equipment and Installation section, if your project is only lighting, skip the “Select” button after your account information has been saved. Proceed to Documents and Attachments section.

· Use Documents and Attachments section to upload all documents such as W-9, Cost Estimate, Spec Sheets and Billing History.

· You must have a Customer or Trade Ally (contractor) signature prior to submitting the Enrollment Application

· Ensure all exception messages are resolved in the “Open Issues” section.

· Click on the pencil symbol, not the Enrollment Application number, on the Portal Dashboard in order to edit existing Enrollment Application.

If you encounter issues, please contact

How long will it take to get my incentive check?

The incentive can be received by the customer or the contractor, with customer approval, and will be paid within 4-6 weeks of the final application's verification and approval.

What if I have other questions about the Business Non-Lighting and Lighting Program? Who do I contact?

Please call the toll-free number for the Appalachian Power Business Program at 888-261-4567 or email Our program staff is available during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to respond to inquiries. We also provide after-hours voicemail services for calls outside of normal business hours. We will return calls within 24 hours of receipt during the business week. If you reach voicemail during business hours, we are helping other customers and will return your call shortly.

Small Business Direct Install

Can I work with my own contractor or only a participating contractor within the Small Business Direct Install Program?

Participants in the SBDI Program must use a contractor from the Appalachian Power Trade Ally network to participate in the Program and receive reduced cost measures. 

How can I learn more about the Small Business Direct Install Program?

Download our SBDI Fact Sheet to find out more, or reach out to a program representative. Give us a call at 888-261-4567 or email

Low Income Weatherization

What is Low Income Weatherization Program?

The Low Income Weatherization Program provides weatherization products and services to residential customers in need to help reduce their energy bills and improve their homes’ comfort. Appalachian Power provides funding for this program to help supplement the state and federal income qualified weatherization programs.

Am I eligible?

To qualify for the Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program, a household must have a total annual household income at or below 60 percent of the state median income. To determine what sources of income are used to document eligibility and to apply for assistance, contact a local weatherization provider in your county of residence.

How do I apply?

Appalachian Power does not offer this program directly; it is managed by the Virginia local weatherization providers. When a customer applies for weatherization through a local provider agency, they are also applying for this program.

Please locate your local weatherization provider by clicking here.

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