Smart energy choices make a home more comfortable and power bills more affordable. Appalachian Power is proud to offer its customers rebates and discounts on your energy efficient purchases that help reduce your electricity use at home.

See below for current available rebates.

Saving money

Home Performance Rebates & Improvements

Some of your home upgrades could qualify for additional rebates! *Improvements must be performed by an Appalachian Power approved contractor, who submits the rebate on your behalf.*

Click here to view a full list of Home Performance rebates. Some of these rebates include:

  • Screw-in lighting and nightlights (up to $18)
  • Faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads (up to $50 each)
  • Hot water heater tank wrap ($35 per water heater)
  • Caulked penetration ($10 per penetration)
  • Attic insulation (up to $550 per home)
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps ($267 per unit)
  • Duct sealing ($150 per home)
  • Air sealing ($350 per home)