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Appalachian Power offers cash incentives for energy efficiency improvements for large Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers. This brand-new Custom Program from TakeChargeVA provides financial incentives specifically tailored to the needs of C&I customers. If you can think of a project at your facility that will save electricity, we’re interested to hear about it! We also want to work with you to see how much energy and money you can save and provide incentives to help with the cost of the project.

Many different projects are eligible for incentives. Lighting projects are incentivized at $0.04/kWh, and non-lighting projects are incentivized at $0.09/kWh. This means that you can boost your bottom line, make your facility safer, and save money with the Custom Program.

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About Business Lighting Program


Custom incentives are available for a wide variety of projects including:

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Indoor lighting

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Outdoor lighting

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Water heating

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Incentives for lighting projects: $0.04/kWh. Incentives for non-lighting projects: $0.09/kWh.

Stacking Coins

Who is eligible for this program?

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    Most non-residential large C&I customers with facilities located in Appalachian Power’s Virginia service territory
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    Projects or equipment modifications that have not received rebates from another Appalachian Power program
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    Electric savings measures that will improve the energy efficiency of a process or system
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    Project must save a minimum of 50,000 annual kWh
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    Project must pass any requisite cost-effectiveness screening criteria

Customers who have opted out of Appalachian Power’s energy efficiency programs as of September 1, 2022, or are served under the Public Authority or Commonwealth of Virginia tariffs, as well as projects that include fuel switching (e.g., electric to gas or gas to electric), on-site electricity generation, gas-driven equipment or used or rebuilt equipment are not eligible for this program.

Energy efficiency measures available through the Business Energy Solutions or the Small Business Direct Install Programs are not eligible through the Custom Program.

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Get started by speaking with a program representative to discuss a project you have in mind. Don't see what you're looking for? Visit our Custom Program FAQs.

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