Bring Your Own Thermostat Program

Enroll Your Thermostat for a Cash

Simply join Appalachian Power's Bring Your Own Thermostat Program and your smart thermostat can start to pay for itself. Enrolling provides your household the unique opportunity to earn money and promote energy efficiency and reliability for all Appalachian Power customers.

The BYOT program allows Appalachian Power to make brief changes to your central air-conditioner setting by a few degrees on a limited number of peak demand periods, which typically occur on the hottest days of summer. This helps reduce demand and stress on the electric grid while increasing service reliability.

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About BYOT
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Who is eligible for this program?

  • Residential Appalachian Power customers in Virginia.
  • You need an approved smart thermostat from our list that controls your working central air conditioning unit.
  • You must have a Wi-Fi network compatible with your smart thermostat.

How it Works

Scroll through the steps below or visit our BYOT FAQs.


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