Make Time to Save on Energy Efficiency Day

The first Wednesday in October is Energy Efficiency Day. Make time for savings with these simple tips.


Focus on lighting

Turn off lights when you're the last one to leave a room. Switch to high-efficiency LEDs. They use 75% less energy than conventional bulbs.

Adjust the thermostat

Adjust the thermostat to save energy at night or when you're away from home. Wi-Fi programmable thermostats optimize savings and convenience.

Pull the plug

Unplug chargers and electronic devices when you're not using them. Use advanced power strips. They automatically switch off power to unused devices.

Take shorter showers

Limit showers to 10 minutes or less to save energy and water. Install water-efficient showerheads, which use less water while still providing a comfortable flow.

With these simple tips, you can use less energy today and every day.