Simple Ways to Stay Warm and Save This Winter

Keep your home comfortable this winter and save energy with these simple tips.


Cranking up the thermostat on cold winter days can help you feel warmer. That will be cold comfort, however, when your energy bill arrives. Here are some simple steps you can take to stay comfortable this winter and keep your energy costs at a comfortable level.

Maintain your heating system

Hire a qualified professional to inspect and clean your heating system. This will help ensure efficient performance. If your system is older or in need of repair, consider upgrading to an ENERGY STAR®-certified electric heat pump. Air-source heat pumps draw heat out of the air to provide highly efficient heating and cooling in one unit. ENERGY STAR models are independently tested to ensure efficient performance.

Make a thermostat adjustment

While everyone has their own comfort level, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends a temperature setting of 68°F to save energy while staying comfortable. To save even more, lower the temperature setting a few degrees overnight or when no one is at home. Install a smart,i programmable thermostat with remote control to optimize savings, comfort and convenience.

Keep the warm air flowing

Change your air filter regularly according to manufacturer's instructions. A dirty filter restricts airflow, making your heating system work harder to keep you comfortable. Also, make sure heating vents are uncovered by carpets or furniture.

Weatherize your home

Air leaks in windows and doors can reduce comfort and waste energy. Check for gaps around windows and exterior doors and seal any you find with caulk or weatherstripping. If you suspect that your home is poorly insulated, contact a qualified insulation contractor to inspect your home and ensure that it is properly insulated according to recommended levels.

Now is a perfect time to get a home energy audit. A qualified energy professional will inspect your home and provide you with a targeted set of cost-saving recommendations that will help lower your energy costs this winter and all year long.