Home Energy Online Toolkit

Are there areas in your home that are wasting energy?


How much energy does your TV use each year? Do you own a Smart Thermostat? The following no-cost online tools and resources can help answer these and other home energy questions, as well as find programs you could qualify you to save energy and money.

Home Energy Use

Home Energy Management Profile
Updating your home energy profile on the Appalachian Power website will show you where you use energy in your home, identify the areas where you spend the most money on energy, and compare your usage to similar homes in your area.

Home Performance Program
The Home Performance Program can help you save money and energy, as well as increase comfort in your home. An Energy Advisor will visit your home to perform a Home Energy Assessment (HEA) at no cost to identify areas where you could become more efficient. Rebates are available for this program, when approved contractors are used.

Free Energy Efficiency Kits
The Energy Efficiency Kit Program offers two kit options based on customer needs. Sign up and receive a free kit with products that will make your home more energy efficient. *Limit one (1) kit per customer.

Appliances and Equipment

Appliance Energy Calculator
Estimate the annual energy use and cost of various appliances and electronic devices around your home.

Flip Your Fridge Calculator
Find out how much it costs to operate your refrigerator or freezer and how much you can save by upgrading to ENERGY STAR® certified models.

WaterSense Calculator
Find out how much you can save by upgrading to WaterSense labeled water-efficient fixtures.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate
Appalachian Power offers rebates for residential Level 2 EV charging equipment.

Virginia PEV Tariff
Start saving money when you charge your electric vehicle during Off-Peak hours.

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