Are You Getting Paid for Your Smart Thermostat?

Join Appalachian Power's Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) Program and get a $50 enrollment bonus, plus up to $25 every summer.


Owning a smart thermostat in 2023 gives you access to rewards beyond the built-in energy savings. When you join our BYOT community, you’ll earn a $50 enrollment bonus right away, then up to $25 at the end of each summer ($5 per month, May–September) for helping us reduce stress and demand on the electric grid.

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Still need a smart thermostat? Our eligible manufacturers frequently offer amazing deals to help get your home ready for any season. Shop our TakeCharge Virginia Marketplace for a quick and easy solution that will get you on your way to savings. After you’ve scored a new thermostat, enjoy your energy savings and enroll in the BYOT Program to receive your $50 enrollment bonus and additional summer rewards.

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