Grand Storage

A proud Appalachian Power customer with an estimated 29,530 annual kWh savings and 2.5 years payback period over rebates.

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The Takeaways

The Opportunity

Grand Storage of Vinton, a provider of 24-hour-access storage units, was looking to lower the energy and maintenance costs associated with running a 24-hour facility. The current lighting at the facility required regular maintenance and replacement. Switching from metal halide to LED lighting provided a payback of less than four years. Utilizing the TakeChargeVA Program, the company was able to lower that payback to less than two and a half years.

The Project

In an effort to lower maintenance and costs, Grand Storage of Vinton looked at updating their facility’s lighting. They started with the storage area, updating 66 fixtures and changing their exterior 150-watt metal halide lighting to LED fixtures. In the past, there seemed to be a constant time-consuming need for replacing bulbs that took staff members away from their main tasks. Informed of the Appalachian Power TakeChargeVA program through their electrician, Grand Storage took advantage of the ease of the process and installed lighting upgrades in all 66 of its storage units. Impressed by the success of the process, they decided to update an additional 60 fixtures in their office area.

"The best thing is the peace of mind, not having to worry about bulb replacements and more free time to do our jobs. I would definitely recommend this program, it will pay off!"

Chris McCarty, Owner

The Results

All in all, Grand Storage received $1,477 in rebates and will see $2,953 in estimated annual savings. The result is an improvement in the longevity of their lighting as well as their peace of mind. On top of that, Grand Storage now has safer, more comfortable warehouses. Good news for everyone.

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