Pathology Consultants of Central VA

A proud Appalachian Power customer with 53,287 in annual kWh savings and 2.6 years payback period with rebates.

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The Takeaways

The Opportunity

Pathology Consultants of Virginia knew they wanted to save energy, but weren’t sure how. That all changed after a trip to the store. On the recommendation from a local electronics store, the Lynchburg-based medical company reached out to Appalachian Power’s Commercial & Industrial Program. Knowing their aging laboratory lighting was in need of an energy-saving upgrade, Pathology Consultants applied for the program to help cover a portion of the project costs.

The Project

This wasn’t just a few replacement bulbs. The massive upgrade involved replacing all 172 of their lab's original 1970s-era T12 fluorescent bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED fixtures. No lab was left unturned. Thanks to rebates from Appalachian Power, they were able to make an immediate impact on their energy costs.

"If it wasn’t for the Appalachian Power program, Pathology Consultants would not have completed this upgrade. We were only planning to replace some of the existing/outdated bulbs until we learned about the program."

Kathy Allen, CPC Practice Administrator Pathology Consultants

The Results

By replacing all of their lighting at once, Pathology Consultants saw major savings. The company is estimated to save $4,859 and 53,287 kWh annually. Combining that with $2,664 in rebates from Appalachian Power, the project payback period is less than three years. The company can now invest more money into what matters: saving lives.

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