Rescue Mission of Roanoke

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Inside Rescue Mission Roanoke

The Takeaways

The Opportunity

The Rescue Mission of Roanoke is a comprehensive crisis intervention center that offers life-saving services aimed at transformation and restoration for men, women, and children. In 2021, it served over 100,000 meals, provided 18,000 hours of classroom instruction, and distributed almost 15,000 food boxes.

With so much work, volunteer hours, and clinic patient encounters happening each day, the Rescue Mission wanted to look at the feasibility of upgrading its lighting system to provide workers with better visibility while reducing energy.

The Project

Appalachian Power’s Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program was able to help The Rescue Mission with energy savings. The SBDI Program provided funding to cover 100% of the cost of new LED lamps. Plus, the Rescue Mission is enjoying even more benefits from the new lighting. Since the new lighting system is much more energy efficient than what it replaced, this customer will realize energy cost savings. In addition, since the new LED lighting installed will require less maintenance, the customer will realize additional cost savings.

"Not only is quality lighting critical, but being efficient in energy usage means that dollars being entrusted to us can go much further … We are grateful for this opportunity to continue a 74-year legacy of excellent stewardship with the help of Appalachian Power and TakeCharge Virginia."

Lee Clark, CEO of The Rescue Mission

The Results

The Rescue Mission received more than $13,300 and will save an estimated 84,700 gross kWh annually. That’s the rough equivalent of 4,100 gallons of gasoline or the annual electricity use of seven homes! The Rescue Mission of Roanoke now has another impressive statistic to add to its resume; it’s saving energy while helping save people.