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Inside Somic America warehouse

The Takeaways

The Opportunity

Somic America, a Wytheville-based automotive parts manufacturer, was looking to reduce energy use and costs in its facility. Somic Facilities Manager Bobby Angles reached out to Appalachian Power in fall 2015 after hearing about its Virginia Commercial & Industrial Program. Soon after, the company enrolled in the program to complete lighting upgrades.

The Project

There were two projects completed in Somic America’s facility in early 2016. During the first project, 354 metal halide 400 W fixtures were replaced with 237 LED 145 W fixtures. The second lighting project was for 162 new energy-efficient high bay and recessed troffer LED fixtures installed in a new 50,000 sq. ft. addition to the plant.

"We had deliberated about replacing our metal halide bulbs with fluorescent for a couple of years in anticipation of Appalachian Power starting an incentive program. The timing could not have been better with the recent improvements in LED technology and the rebate program coming together. Our plant now has brighter, more efficient lighting and Appalachian Power has been a pleasure to work with throughout the process."

Bobby Angles, Somic America

The Results

The project is estimated to save Somic America $68,357 annually. These savings, paired with $31,071 in rebates from Appalachian Power, greatly offset the total cost of the project, which came out to $189,974.

Environmental Impact

It wasn’t just financial savings that Somic received. The company is also expected to reduce its annual energy use by 621,431 kWh. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations, this is equivalent to 11,318 tree seedlings grown for 10 years and 92 passenger vehicles driven for one year. Overall, Somic received higher-quality lighting and savings that will last for years.

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